Kyle L. McGregor

I started out in 2006 helping small businesses and individuals with their web presence, from social media to website design & development.

From 2010 onward I focused on web development, at first mainly working with WordPress and custom page development.

In 2011, while searching for potential solutions to the issue of developing websites in an ever increasing number of types of screens; I came across Ethan Marcotte's blog post on responsive web design. Reading that blog post helped solidify my path into responsive web design and development.

In 2012, I began working with established web agencies to refine my skills in front-end web development and bring responsive web development solutions to all my project work going forward, while adding in new best practices along the way. This also allowed me to teach others about responsive best practices, specifically with media queries and SCSS.

Implementing responsive development best practices has defined my path in front-end web development, and continues to challenge me in new ways now that we have even more devices & resolutions, as well as VR & AR now to consider in the mix.

Since then I've specialized in leading development teams in responsive web development following the latest development & UX best-practices while using a mobile-first approach in the creation of custom websites and web applications.

I leverage modern JavaScript frameworks & libraries such as React & Redux and where needed I take a design systems approach with adding in modern libraries such as Styled System & Styled Components.

I also have experience in custom WordPress & Squarespace theme development, Shopify theme & app development, React Native & hybrid app development, as well as working with WebGL using libraries such as Three.js & Babylon.js.

I prefer to use a test driven development workflow, as well as use libraries like Storybook for UI development & have experience in accessibility compliance.

In the last few years I have also been learning Unreal Engine 4 for game development and architectural visualization for desktop, mobile, & VR applications.

Keep an eye on the horizon!